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Suzanna Coleman for Alabama House Representative



Alabamians deserve access to quality education that will allow them to learn, grow, and become strong and reliable members of their community. Education is the surest path to community growth and individual success. We can support education by:

✓ Support a living wage for teachers to retain the best educators for our children.
✓ Protect the Teacher Retirement System and the education fund.
✓ Support career and college readiness programs in our schools.
✓ Increase access to mental health services in schools for our students.


Our communities are the foundations for our everyday lives, from churches to schools, community parks to small businesses. Safety and wellbeing are vital to building vibrant communities that are inviting and welcoming to one another and to future neighbors. Achieved by:

✓ Encourage community policing to support citizens and law enforcement.
✓ Address criminal and drug activity in our communities where properties are unoccupied or abandoned.
✓ Make skills training a priority for offenders who will re-enter society and increase access to mental health services to reduce crime.
✓ Address deteriorating roads in our communities for the safety of residents and first responders.


For today and for our future, we must invest in our community and local businesses to bring wider economic prosperity to our towns and neighborhoods. We must also seek out and invest sufficient resources to build a stronger business environment that is competitive and growing.

✓ Support small businesses and attract new industries for better job opportunities.
✓ ncrease access to funding for start up small businesses.


Access to quality healthcare is vital to our success and health as a community and as individuals. Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege.

✓ Support the opening of free standing medical care centers in rural communities to increase access to primary care services.
✓ Increase access to affordable healthcare for working men and women.

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